Christina Carter

I grew up in a small town in Northeastern Ohio, a tomboy, playing any kind of game you can think up. My cousins used to say if they let girls on the football team I would make them champions. I did well in school but took on a full time job as soon as I was allowed. I guess I wanted to be all grown up… fast. At the age of 19, I was already opening a business with someone… a strip club. I guess bondage and fetish found me. It won me and my life over… and I am glad. I have met the greatest people in this business… and I have a lot of fun doing it. Jim never exactly told me that he was thinking of me playing O-girl. He was sort of sneaky. He set up a shoot where I was tied up with a time bomb - it was his way of finding out if I was the right girl for the job. I guess I was, because he offered me the role and I've been doing it ever since... going on six years now. The days are long, but it is a special sort of thing and I'm proud to do it... and I'm so glad that everyone enjoys the craziness.

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An intelligent, good looking man that is not only passionate, but can keep me entertained with his wit and charm - not to mention: he must also look good in nothing but Jeans and have a sexual appetite that rivals my own :)
Rude, ignorant people who have no manners. People who think too highly of themselves or do not care about others.
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