Marie Chersan, grew up in the small desert town a hundred and fifty miles northeast of Las Vegas to a family of traveling side show performers called The Daggersmiths. Her childhood was bright and full of adventure, traveling from town to town, always on the move. Being born into the life of the circus had its disadvantages to be sure, but it also introduced her to a world of wonderment and endless possibility. It also gave her a strong background in acrobatic and kick boxing skills that were to come in very handy in her later life.

Tragedy struck during her tenth birthday party, when a faulty generator exploded killing her entire family. She would have been killed as well, if she had not been behind a brick wall sneaking a cigarette. She was adopted by the circus owner and raised as his own child, and although he would never be her real father, he was as close to family as she would ever have. She considered him her second dad up until the day he died.

Death seemed to follow Marie around. When she was twenty, her lover was electrocuted by a faulty vibrator. But there always seems to be a silver lining to every horror story. In this case it was the fact that Marie literally ran into Caroline Charmers in her crazed, grief stricken dash after discovering the body. Caroline became first a shoulder to cry on, and then a mentor, and then finally a partner. Caroline had tried to hide her secret identity, but eventually, Marie discovered the truth. Even though she knew her dark secret, it took many months to convince Caroline that O-girl could use a partner.

Marie, was in hindsight a perfect choice; her upbringing in the circus gave her the skills that couldn't be taught - but could be focused. Marie turned into Nylonika, the naughty girl wonder who along with O-girl battles the forces of evil with a quick wit, lightning fast skills and her utility belt full of sex tools.

Nylonika is played by Kendra James

Born and raised in Northern California, I have worn many hats over my career. I have been into kink since I can remember and it wasn't long after I became an adult that I started working as a pro dominatrix in San Francisco. While there, I was able to learn all of the proper tools and etiquette of the fetish lifestyle. After a very fulfilling stint with the girls at Fantasy Makers, I decided to run off and join the circus. I traveled with the Reverend B. Dangerous Freak Show under the stage name "Stitches", touring the country with Ozzy Osbourne and his Ozzfest. I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with rock royalty like Black Sabbath, Marilyn Manson, Pantera, Slipknot, and of course Ozzy. It was a photo shoot I did with Ozzy as Mrs. Clause for Metal Hammer magazine that contributed to me getting the modeling bug.

When the touring ended I decided to go into fetish and bondage modeling full time and I haven't looked back since. I recently opened my own bondage and fetish website (www.kendrajames.com). Jim never told me that he was thinking of casting me as Nylonika. He just did a scene one day with me chained to a post with a ticking time bomb and then after it was over said - "Oh, by the way, you passed the audition. How would you like to play O-girl's sidekick?" Jim can be sneaky... :)

Slinky's, sushi, my cats, the beach and GPSs - because I have a really bad sense of direction.
Latex, bondage, corsets, hitachi's and shopping (especially for latex) - can you tell I love latex?
Catty girls, assholes who honk at me while driving, loud neighbors - oh yeah, and I hate driving, especially on the freeway.
5' 7"